New Toy, New Tune

Reading a recent post in CDM I was intrigued by the BigSeq plugin from Audio Damage so of course I forget my New Year's Resolution and grabbed a copy (and for $39USD, it could have been much worse).

What a fun toy. First I put pads through it like in the CDM post and came up with Funk A Duck.

Then later, sandbags asked if I had tried running piano loops through BigSeq. That seemingly innocent question resulted in Slooooooow. This track is embarrassingly simple. Two piano loops, each simultaneously run through BigSeq, a drum loop and some other textural sounds all at the blistering tempo of 26bpm. Oddly, the dropping of the tempo had the biggest effect on the direction of the piece.

Funk A Duck was more complex and might deserve more explanation but since I'm not really happy with the track at the moment I'll save that for another day after I've fixed it.

So I leave you with the evidence...

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