We Interrupt This Program

Sometimes it's fun to try something new. I shot some video this weekend and strung it together using iMovie. I killed the sound and attached an old track of mine and ended up with this:

Scooters Invitational from Georg Nikodym on Vimeo.

The result is interesting to me in several ways. The removal of the original sound and the addition of my synthy music gives a floating, dream like quality to the piece. While putting it together, I tried using a different track Bad Part of Town and it was completely different again (dark sense of foreboding like somebody was going to crash). Also, there are musical elements that coincide with events in the video. They were accidental because I just attached to separate creations together. But it does raise the question, "How good could this be if those cues were deliberate?" and even more profoundly, "What if I actually had some training in this?"

Oh to be young again.

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ob said...

Nice, but it nearly made me throw up :)