What Will They Think

Years from now, when we're all dust and the archaeologists, anthropologists or spacemen are picking through our stuff... what will they find?

This morning, I read my email which included this item from the Lefsetz Letter where Bob enumerates and editorializes on the weekly record sales for the top 40 or so. Now I'm not a top 40 guy but when I was a younger angrier man I at least had heard of all the artists on it. Now not so much. Chrisette Michelle? Who? My story only I makes Bob's point. Of course, willful ignorance is the worst kind so I consult the Oracle of Google and watch this. Wasn't missing much. Next.

Later, I see a tweet from Peter Kirn of CreateDigitalMusic pointing me at another youtube video. A cover of Fleet Foxes' Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. Wow, what voices and harmonies. Who are they, well they're First Aid Kit out of Sweden. According to their myspace page they sound like what Gary Numan would if he did folk music! Brilliant.

Of course, I hadn't heard of Fleet Foxes either, so I clicked on one of the related videos and saw this beauty.

And it hit me, like it has many many times before, that there's a ton of music out there. You could spend 30 minutes a day exploring things you never heard of everyday for the rest of your life and not scrape the surface.

So what will they think when they start digging through all this?

For us? We do live in interesting times and it fucking rocks.

CC licensed photo spaceman2 by The Untrained Eye