Really Gone And Done It

I may have lost my mind. We'll see at the end of it. I have signed up for the RPM '09 Challenge. What's that? The challenge is to create an album in 28 days. Forget about having a life in February (like that's a big fucking loss) and just make music. Rules? Simple. 10 songs or 35 minutes. All in February. Put it on a CD and mail it in (CD? wtf?!?).

My feelings going in are that this is similar to the alonetone 24 hour album but a little more sensible. Of course, with the extra time come traps or obligations. Like spending too much time on some stupid sound that only I'll know about. Or worrying about album art.

Of course, this is meant to be fun. And it will be. And if I'm really fortunate, I might have something I like at the end of it.

What are you doing in February?

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Matt Mower said...

Hardcore! Go for it. This one, I think, I shall cheer from the sidelines :)