Cleaning My Desk

Tomorrow it begins. The RPM Challenge. I'm not overly stressed about it but I'm not calm. I've been getting things in order. Collected some new sounds and plugins. Tonight I might even vacuum...

But I got distracted. My guitar was calling me with those sweet tones. So I played. And played. Occasionally stopping to apply some lube cough I mean press record. Ack, this is cheating! The challenge isn't until tomorrow! Nothing to do but to towel off and face the music.

In my very first guitar lesson, I learned some higher voicings for Em, D and C. I use those in this track which opens with those. From there it quickly gets down to business with an additional two layers of guitar, a bass much drums. So much fun, it outta be illegal.

So now my desk is clean. There are no half started tunes. I need to rest up for tomorrow. I got a busy month.

CC licensed photo love travels at illegal speeds by snowpony.

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