Live 8 Tip -- EQ + Spectrum

In the Live 8 beta forums there was a bunch of discussion about having some kind of spectrum analyzer built into the EQ plugin. Many other DAWs have this, and the Live 8 beta seemed like a reasonable place to ask for this feature.

It occured to me (and I posted to this effect) that you could get what you wanted by making yourself a rack. Here's how:
  1. Starting with an empty set, drag EQ8 onto an audio track (not a preset).
  2. Right-click and select group (or hit Cmd-G). You now have a rack.
  3. Drag a Spectrum and drop it on the EQ (it'll slot in behind the EQ in the chain).
  4. Click the Macro button, click Map Mode.
  5. Click the Spectrum On/Off button and then click Map under the first knob.
  6. Right click the title of the first knob (or hit Cmd-R) and rename the knob to Spectrum On
  7. Click Map Mode again and you're pretty much done.
Now you can rename the rack (Cmd-R is your friend) to something like EQ+Spectrum and you can drag the rack back into your library (in the Audio Effects Rack section) for use in other sets.

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