Ableton Live 8

As has been reported widely, Ableton released Live 8 this week. I, having become attached, nay hooked, to the beta simply had to upgrade.

The upgrade went swimmingly. During the beta, I left my Live 7 library alone (mainly out of fear). I suspect this was a good thing because the upgrade did it's thing on the Live 7 library without any drama. As it should be.

I was asked by a friend what sold me on the upgrade. I have to admit that while I was able to answer I wasn't fully satisfied so I'll definitely be making a point of exploring all the new toys (and there are more than a few). But the funny thing is that having done my RPM Challenge album on the beta I was pleased that none of the changes got in my way and I was able to work the pretty much the way I always had. As a software developer, I have a pretty good understanding of the need to remain compatible with the past while also wishing that customers would discover all the cool stuff you added...

Anyway, for posterity, here's how I answered the question:
  • price, as a Live 7 Suite owner (having arrived there upgrading from Lite 4 to 6 to 7), the upgrade price was tolerable (there are others that feel the Suite price is too high and I'm inclined to agree)
  • out of the box support for my nanoKontrol (a little thing but made me happy)
  • new instruments and sounds
  • I happen to like the Library organization improvements
  • I love the multiband compressor
  • Looper (admittedly I am nowhere close to knowing how I'll use this but it's very fun)
  • Groove. I hated (read: didn't know what to do with) the old swing thing. Groove grooves. It's huge. I'm quite the n00b with beats and I managed to do something useful with it.
Pretty weak, I know. Much exploring to do.

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