Somewhere along the way I "grew up". I gave up playing music in
favour of pursuing a career (in technology) that would support a
family. Not that music couldn't have done that it's just that I never
figured out how... that and the realization that I probably just
wasn't that good.

Fast forward many years and I got my first Mac computer. I had the
thing for over a year when one Sunday afternoon I decided to fire up a
program that's been included with Macs for a number of years now.

Within a couple of hours I was hooked. I had created my first track
in decades. And what a revelation. All this time, on my little 12"
Powerbook, I had a multitrack recorder, synths, drum machines and a
sample/loop library.

Holy crap! back in the Two Infant Children days, we had an 8-track
reel-to-reel rig, a drum machine, our instruments and whatever we
could think to rent... It could take a week to finish a song...
Mobility, forget it. Editing. Not so much. Uphill both ways. (And
we loved it!)

Anyway, the track I made that afternoon was made up of stock Apple
drum loop slowed down a ton to 74bpm. I then played around with some
synth presets settling on Circuit Dialog and Samoa Sweep. Recorded
that. Then I started looking for other loops to see what stuck. They
were Disco Pickbass 01 & 02, Funky Electric Guitar 03, Orchestra
Strings 03 and Nordic Keyed Fiddle 02.

The track isn't that great but it sure beat spending the afternoon
getting a high score in a video game and it marks the start of the
current leg of my journey.

Of course so excited by my creation was I and so eager to foist it onto an unsuspecting public that I didn't bother coming up with a decent title. Instead, I called it 'you decide' and you can hear it here:

you decide

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