It All Started One Night

It's a little fuzzy... all those years ago... I would've been 17. I
remember going to a party. Hooking up with a girl, Peggy; she had a
voice; we went with a friend of mine, Mo to his friend Ralph's house
after some kind of sleep deprivation... Ralph was (and still is) a
guitar player and had a four track (yeah, one of those cassette jobs)
so we recorded, we jammed (I played flute, she sang).

Peggy disappeared as suddenly as she appeared but wanting to be more
involved, somehow I volunteered to learn how to play bass...

Soon after we were all at a cottage (belonging to Ralph's parents)
outside the city making noise, perhaps music. One of the bigger
decisions we faced was what to call ourselves. Mo and Ralph went for
an evening walk, exploring while I did whatever. On their walk they
found a small graveyard, very old. There they found two unnamed
graves. One marked, "Mother" and the other, "Two Infant Children".

They rushed back to the cottage to tell me the story. Such a
ridiculous rock-n-roll cliche, we had to go with it.

And thus the band, Two Infant Children, was born.

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