But That's Cheating!

The haters...  I've heard haters hating on singers because of their use of technology.  Not fair, really.  Why should instrumentalists have all the fun.

The video above, part of some marketing fluff (but interesting and cool nonetheless) by tc electronic shows what's possible in real time with vocals.  Holy crap.  I knew about pitch correction but real time harmonization (playable!).  Colour me impressed.

Hate all you want and when you're done accept that this is pretty cool.

Wonder what it would sound like on guitar?


^ L A * said...

Agreed. You have the same argument with guitars and other instruments as well, the whole it should be completely natural (or to whatever degree or synthing it up. I don't think it should matter as long as you get great music to listen to or to play for others (which is not stolen off from somewhere).
The way things are going there will definitely be more electronic aspects in nearly all genres of music, whether they be pre or post production. It just sounds better on the most part.

Scott McLean said...

You're absolutely right. I don't know who does what to their singing voices, but I can guess with the major pop releases and some rock songs and that's fine. But I just sing without any changes, and that's all, but I don't encourage anyone else to do low-quality recordings.