Ahhhhhhhh That's Better

I recently bought an Airport Extreme Base Station for various reasons that aren't important. This afforded me the opportunity to rejigger things in my studio office. And in so doing I got to switch off an old computer...

Wow. Holy crap. Wow. Duh!

I didn't think of my cave as an ideal acoustic space but I didn't think that the ambient noise was very loud. It was fine. Until now. Now the quiet is almost oppressive. I can hear my laptop and it's a little annoying, actually.

So the lesson here for recordists is if you don't need it in the room, maybe it should be somewhere else. And if it can be switched off, do it. Your ears will thank you.

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mrmoto said...

I've been a fan of your stuff...and you've said some
really swell things about my stuff... And I was wondering if you might want to work together on something ... Song, ep, album....we could knit something but I don't know how...So think on it will you, perhaps after RPM this year or
not...no weirdness...anyway I like what you do regardless...nice chatting... Stop by our place
Much respect
C. Thomas of
Vivian Circle
mrmoto66@gmail. Or at alonetone