Resolutions or Goals

So here they are in no particular order.  The musical things I plan on accomplishing in 2010.

  1. Continue learning to use what I have better.
  2. Continue working on my not-so-fabulous guitar chops.
  3. Do another RPM Challenge album and make it better than last year's effort.
  4. Play a proper live gig.
  5. Find a (semi)local collaborator.
On that last one...  it's like looking for a lover in a way.  You have ideas about what you're looking for and those ideas may have little relationship with what would be good or would work.  So here's what could be my craigslist ad:
Me:  Hobbyist computer music geek interested in all kinds of electronic music but particularly interested in mellower hybrid forms combining electronic and traditional instruments.  I play bass, guitar, keyboards and flute with nothing that could be confused with expert ability.  I'm reasonably handy with music theory and recording tech.  I'm a Mac guy and use Ableton Live and Logic Studio.  I have no aspirations to fame, fortune, record deals, etc.  I do this because I like it.
You:  Live in the greater Toronto area (biased to the west).  Are interested in experimenting and not that interested in sounding like anyone else (or doing covers, etc).
So if you're tired of the sight of your own navel, drop me a line at mmi@alonetone.com
This public stating of goals is weird.  I have had a lifelong superstition about doing it (the thinking being that if I talk about something, I'll jinx it and it won't happen).  But we all know that's bullshit, right?

So here's hoping that your 2010 will be as wonderful as mine.

Happy New Year.

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