Thank You

The post RPM recovery has begun in earnest but before I go on to write about other more interesting things (he says, blithely assuming there is an audience for his drivel) please bear with me as I wax sappy.

In my last entry I failed to thank a bunch of people I've never met. Without them, of course, my RPM CD may never have happened.

First are my friends at alonetone.com. It was here that I learned of the challenge on the first place. And there were a few people there that encouraged us all. For me, support came from sudara, sandbags, glu and kavin.

Next are all the people that make the challenge happen. I have no idea who you all are but wow. You're doing something big.

Lastly, I should mention the fine freaks 'n folks on the #rpmchallenge IRC channel. When things were sucking, they were always there with helpful shortcuts and cheats. Awesome.

Thank you, all. For things you don't even know you gave me.

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