Impulse Buy

Sounds. A musicians, we shape and direct them but they also have
suggest where they want to go, who they'll play nicely with.
Electronic musicians with sound design skills make their own. The
rest of us rely on them to provide us with useful presets...

To now, I've resisted paying money for sound banks, sample libraries
and the like (aside from those included in DAWs) cause I'm cheap and
I'm proud. But having previously got free stuff from Puremagnetik,
when I saw their Big 08 collection announced I was overcome with a
sense of what-the-heck.

Big 08 is a 3GB collection of samples, clips, instrument and effects
presets for Ableton Live. The only thing that I don't particularly
care is the old Atari video game sounds (I'm old enough to remember
the original and I'm not very nostalgic). But basically, from my
minimal experience, I gotta say this collection is Awesome.

Still much to explore but I have made two tracks based on the included
sounds to give you a taste.


<a href="http://mmimusic.bandcamp.mu/track/awash">Awash by MMI</a>

<a href="http://mmimusic.bandcamp.mu/track/waiting">Waiting by MMI</a>

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