Better Late Than Never

Ever bought a CD (or downloaded a bunch of tracks) and never really
listened to them. Or perhaps you didn't like them at first? And then
just move on relegating that music so the unheard/skipped part of your
music collection...

Today, my iTunes "Party Shuffle" shuffled onto "Part Two" by the Pat
Metheny Group (from The Way Up release). I was busy working and
paid no attention when it came on but somewhere in the middle (it's a
20 minute opus) it just grabbed me. Hard. This is great! wtf?!?
What is it?

To my amazement (and shame) it's a CD I bought in February '06. So
for over 2 years, I've been ignoring this album. Stunning. Better
late than never, I guess.

Seems sad that people slave over their music and even their ardent
fans don't pay attention.

So a challenge for you. In your music player, order your music
collection by the Last Played date, with the never played at the top.
Press play and be amazed.

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