The Obligatory First Post

Many years ago, while rooting around the internet looking for stuff on Robert Fripp I discovered his online diary. He and many of his colleagues had taken to keeping online diaries. The reasons for this activity were interesting, even if I didn't understand completely. I just knew that I enjoyed reading them. I knew nothing of Robert the human being. I came upon his writing because I was interested in his music.

This activity is now common place and many people share pieces of themselves in what we call blogs. (I had always thought him a man ahead of his time)

I am somewhat reluctantly entering into the blogosphere because part of me feels that it's an act of extreme hubris to engage in this activity. Who really gives a rats ass what I have to say? I don't know. Possibly no one.

That said, in the last couple of years, I have reconnected with my youth in a way that still surprises me and I'm starting to think that they journey might be worth sharing. This journey hasn't been and will never be linear and as such I make no promises about how it'll replay in these pages.

So welcome and may you find something here worth the time you spent reading.

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