Bad Tech Week

Rather than work on anything productive, I've been stuck. It all started when my machine started hanging for sometimes brief, sometimes long periods. Because I'm a geek, I was able to correlate these hangs with an error message in the logs which lead me (with help from Google land) to conclude that I had a dying disk drive on my hands.

Now I don't trust my machine to keep my data safe. So I'm not making anything new. Made a little bit easier by the fact that it's the beginning of July (which means day(s) off for most North Americans).

I wait here for my new harddrive, fretting about the restore process which will surely leave me with a slightly broken install of Logic and Live, slightly broken songs, links to samples that have strangely disappeared or been slightly corrupted.

What kind of geek would I be if I only had one machine? Of course I had another machine. And of course, it also self-destructed in some weird way which led me to install a different OS onto the thing... then a power failure took out the VPN to work as well as some other server bits.

This sux. But maybe having my journey detour like this is will provide some time to pay attention to the blog...