Apparently Summer is Over

In my other life as an inline speedskater, another racing season is coming wrapping up which means I'll be able to get back to making music and continuing the journey.

To mark that, I actually did a bit of recording and whipped up this little ditty: Sixes and Sevens.

During the summer, my super cool music school took a break and when things resumed I got a new guitar teacher. He is Geoff Torrn and even though he's got me back into a normal tuning he has managed to continue where Mark left off and my head is full of groovy new bits of theory every week. I must be a weird student, wanting more and more theory but that's how we roll...

In other news, I upgraded to Logic 9. Early days yet but I did a side by side test of Logic's flex stuff and Live's warping and ... the results from Logic sounded better. More on that in a future post.

I've been coveting hollow body guitars. Given infinite money, I'd probably get an ES-355 but I don't have infinite money. So what recommend you? There are some very nice and affordable Gretsch guitars around which are all very sexy beasts... oh the sweet pain. The irrational thing is that I can't even really explain why I want a new guitar. What do you all tell your wives/partners when you get "another" guitar?

Enough rambling... I'll try for more focus next post.


jimix said...

infinite coin gets you these:

MMI said...

hahaha! _That_ guy is part of the problem!