The Next Leg

It may not have been obvious from one of my previous posts but learning guitar was one of my resolutions for the New Year. Today, I had my second lesson and I am a man possessed.

In the learning of any instrument there is a hump. A time in the early going where it's just not fun. I think this is equally true for adults and children. But the approaches are different. With children, there's parental pressure and the ability of a teacher to make things fun. With adults, we bring our own pressure but also complex baggage. I like this. I can't do that. I have superficial knowledge of this but I think I'm expert. The teacher, I suspect, has to navigate these waters a little more carefully.

My first lesson started with some discussion about what I want from guitar. I'm going to write my answer here so that I can look at it later and marvel at my idiocy...

Currently, I'm getting my creative juices flowing by experimenting with sounds. The bulk of those sounds are generated by software. Quite often, while working, I want to add guitar textures. Not necessarily super complicated parts. More ambient textural things like say Robin Guthrie might play (I've always swooned for the Cocteau Twins). I'd love to be able to play like Robert Fripp but let's be honest. I'm old and not that disciplined.

My teacher listened patiently to me blather and was able to channel my excitement giving me a simple three chord sequence to work on. These weren't the usual open chords you see other beginners struggling with but chords up at the twelfth fret that I could play around with and are exactly the kind of ambient textural thing I was looking for. With the explicit instruction to experiment. Wow. One lesson and my head was exploding with the possibilities. Two lessons and I'm feeling like there's hope for me (a very pleasant change from thinking that guitar is too hard for me, like piano or violin hard).

Who is my new mentor? None other than Mark Patterson. Are you kidding me? I can't believe my luck.

So the next leg of my musical journey has begun. I don't know where I'm going. And that is fucking cool.

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